The Florida Prescription Assistance Program provides significant savings for anyone with inadequate prescription coverage

Everyone qualifies and there are no fees to participate

The Florida Prescription Assistance Program was founded to provide prescription savings to millions of people who need help paying for their prescription medications whether they are uninsured or insured with a high deductible, high co-pays and/or limited drug list. We reach out to families, individuals and seniors who are most at risk, and whose health would be compromised without the savings our Pharmacy Discount Card provides.

Our FREE Pharmacy Discount Card can provide relief by saving users up to 75% on almost all prescriptions. We are able to offer these savings through partnerships with the nation’s leading prescription claims administrators who have enormous negotiating powers over prescription costs. Savings may vary by state, drug and pharmacy.

We maintain HIPAA-standard security safeguards to protect personal health information (PHI). We do not sell or share PHI with third parties.

See how people have saved

"Saved 64% on my pain medicine!"

“The price of my pain medication without the card was $90. After using the card the price dropped to $32. Thank you again for helping me save!”

– Eric, Cardholder

“Paid only $2 for my sleep aid!”

“Fantastic card! I used this card for the first time on generic Ambien. I was told the cost would be $38. I used the pharmacy discount card when I went to pay for it. Wow! The total cost for the generic version was, are you ready for this, $2 TOTAL, 30-day supply, I was blown away. I encourage you to try it.”

– Deborah, Pharmacist

"I saved $38.12 on my heart meds!"

“I take several different medications for a heart condition. I signed up for this FREE card and I just saved $38.12 on one of my prescriptions. I am so grateful...Thank you!!!

– Linda, Cardholder